Saturday, September 6, 2014

Because I lift - By Oly Girl

Lately, I get the question of "Why do you do Olympic lifts? There are so many other ways to build muscle."
And, ya know what? Those people are right.
There are LOTS of ways to build muscle.
In fact, I'll take that one step further and say there are actually even easier ways to build muscles.
(For the record, I have also done - and enjoy - power lifting as well.  I have a good understanding of isolation style movements. They have value all their own.) 

"Because I love it, " is the easy go-to-answer, but that rarely satisfies the curious.
It's akin to telling a child "Because," when asked "Why is the sky blue?" It doesn't compute.

After a few really neat discussions this week with some kindred spirits, I think I've settled on an answer.

It's not short.

It's not simple.

But it's true.

I lift because:
It's hard and I never back down from a challenge
It is a healthy outlet for aggression - because you simply won't make certain lifts without it
It builds muscle, and muscle burns fat. Who likes fat?!
It's empowering - it's not me against the girl running next to me. It's me against yesterday.
It makes me stronger than I was yesterday.

Now, let me turn this on it's head for a moment. Perhaps the best answer is in the question.

Because I lift:When I hear the word 'Clean' - I don't think about a sponge, chemicals, vacuums; I think about bars, plates, and these...
When I hear the word 'Snatch' - I don't giggle or think of kidnappings.
I run faster than I ever have - because my legs and core can handle 7 minute miles.
I jump higher than I'm likely to ever need to. (Olympic lifting increases vertical jump)
I'm closer than ever to my first unassisted pull up.
I am in the smallest adult clothing size I've ever worn (clothes I wore when I was 170 lbs fall off me now - and I'm still a bit over 190).
I can back squat My Sailor, should I ever need to carry HIM away from danger.
I can pick up my Odin (my Great Pyrenees) and put him in the car if I had to get him to the vet.
A bag of dog food is easy to manage myself.
Carrying in groceries (even from Costco) isn't taxing.
I walk with more confidence than ever before - even than my theater days.

My hands have calluses on the inside.
My shins have been mildly scraped.
My collar bone has been mildly bruised.
My muscles are long and lean.
My hip flexors get sore - just ask My Sailor...
My blood pressure is within a safe level, without medication.
My stress is well managed.

But There Is One Overlapping Answer...
I'm Stronger Than I Was Yesterday.

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  1. As always, J, very inspiring! Might I add that I lift because this new body relishes the feeling of healthfulness it brings