Monday, December 3, 2012

Warming up for Winter!

It's hard to believe 2012 is nearly over. It's been an incredibly eventful year, equally good and bad. Lately, a lot of hard work has filled our time. I will work out regularly via running and Zumba. I plan to register for a Run Disney event next year! Just haven't narrowed down which one and when. Once that's done I'll have to budget for it and do (to quote Meet the Robinsons) "Keep Moving Forward!"

So what are the latest and greatest this holiday season?

Odin Playing Polar Bear
I'm looking forward to a decorating our house for Christmas! I've gotten a few decorations up - and will be posting a little OneTrueMedia goodie of some fun local goings on that I explore. This past weekend, I went to explore the Poulsbo JuleFest (Click here for pictures) with a fellow Navy family. It's rare that I come home from a trip to Downtown Poulsbo without a cookie from the local bakery.  Instead, I came home with an awesome Scandanavian cookbook that benefits the local Son's of Norway group. It's going to make cookie-baking this year deliciously fabulous. I won't be doing a lot of eating of said cookies though - I have a goal to lose 20lbs by my birthday, so that gives me about 6 weeks of staying on target!

 But back to decorating - going from an 800 sq foot apartment, to a 2000 sq foot house makes decorating on a budget a bit of a challenge. But it's a fun challenge! I've added that as much as possible of our Christmas must be LOCAL. Small town economy could really use a boost.I know we'll accumulate decorations over the years, just like my family did, so I'm in no screaming rush to buy a bunch of junk just to populate the still-bare walls.  I am pretty excited to note that all of my decorations for the staircase came from the local Goodwill store! They were new, and would have cost something like $100 at the local Target. I got the whole sh-bang for $15 and I was able to toss in some much needed kitchen utensils.

Our Christmas Day plans include the best showing of The Hobbit we can find! And, of course, all the other Christmas nice-ities, like a nice meal, some Christmas music, and some tree trimming time.  I don't know how much time My Sailor will have to enjoy the Holidays this year, but any time at all beats last year!

Now, to see what this weekend has in store...

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