Sunday, December 9, 2012

More than saying 'It'll be Okay'

Each deployment is different and has its own unique challenges and emotions. I'm not talking about the different "every day" situations that crop up - like 'How will I get a tire changed?" or "Who will take out the trash?" But things that are a bit, well, different.

We've been through a deployment already, and our long distance communication skills were getting a little rusty. So this is a great chance go give those creative juices a work out.

At some point, ya just gotta break down to the usual "I love you's", "I miss you", "It's going to be okay", and "I can't wait for you come home." Most of my messages involve the kind of talk most couples do over the dinner table. I tell him about my day, my plans, the dogs, work, the weather. I don't sleep on a pillow that still smells like him - I'm a big believer in clean sheets. But I have been known to sport some Navy sweat pants around the house.

Thankfully, I have a few 'regular haunts' this time. When I couldn't work yesterday, I took a new fantasy book to a local wine bar and sat down to a couple glasses of my favorite red. Afterwards, I met my roommate and some of My Sailor's fellow shipmates at a movie before heading home again and getting caught up on An American Horror Story via Netflix.

All in all, I'm pretty good at keeping myself entertained.

Afterall, my husband is fighting for our way of life - to enjoy a glass of wine at a bar with minial regulation. To go see a movie about just about whatever we want, with just about who ever we choose... The honorable thing to do is to live my life while he's gone. Even if that means a part of me is under the sea with him.

But then again, that's love for ya.

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