Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nostalgia and Missing a little Magic

So what's been happening?

A bit of normalcy, believe it or not.

I know! I was surprised too!

But the night shifts are back haunting both of us. Mine include 12 hour days before I head home for an early Thanksgiving weekend with my family. It'll be a quick trip to Southern California. Sometimes, rarely, I do miss our dating days, when we could make time to drop off and pick up each other from the airport. Truth be told, I've only driven to the airport once. Every other time, I've gotten up a few hours early to ride in the bumpy, packed shuttle from our little town to the airport. While the shuttle makes a lot of sense (don't have to pay for parking) it would be really nice if he could see me off at the airport. But I'm lucky that I don't HAVE to take a plane to spend time w/ My Sailor anymore. It's kind of a silly thing to miss, but I'm feeling nostalgic of late (and I can't help envying that extra hour or two of sleep I could get if I didn't have to get up extra early to make the shuttle). I'm a girl. It's my job to miss the crazy little things here and there.

This weekend was full of lots of little things that were great though. We spent Saturday night with a linner out (lunch/dinner), followed by participating in the ArtWalk in Downtown Poulsbo (highly recommend!), a drink at my favorite local wine spot, ice cream at Mora, and a few rounds of pool. It was a great way to spend a Saturday night since the day was filled with chores me than anything else. Sunday was an "in" day. I worked, My Sailor played some SWTOR and we polished off the evening working on a puzzle and goofing off. It was a pretty much a great time. I wish we could have more weekends like this, but as the holidays amp up, so do our schedules.

But lately I've found myself longing for a life I don't quite see...yet. I can see we're on the path, but sometimes My Sailor and I meet in different places. For example, I see this childless time as a time to go adventuring - to do one last Disney World Trip as just a couple, with no friends and family en tow. Do a little dreaming together. Our lives are so busy, we don't make much time for dreaming together lately. This weekend was such a great reminder of how powerful and awesome that is. Balancing our limited time off with his needs, my needs, and our needs is challenging sometimes. It's just a growing pain, I know. 

But Military living teaches you very much to live in the moment. Though the planner in me wants to set plans for next year for 'us'. In fact, I probably will be making some plans, and if he can be a part of them, great! If he can't then that's just fine too. He's not a planner (so I'm learning). He's not the type of guy to make sure I have flowers on my birthday while he's away or a gift to mark an important day while he's gone. He had the best intentions to be, but life gets in the way. I've discovered that too - with our busy lives I've barely had time to work on my usual love letters and gags for his sea bag! It's a challenge!  We may not be able to make plans far out, but we have moments...

And the moments are certainly nice.

And I'm sure the holidays will have a little extra magic this year.

I can't wait to set up our first Christmas Tree together, decorate our first house together, bake cookies and finish sending out care packages and Christmas cards...

I guess I could just use a little injection of magic lately. I'm at my worst when I feel like I'm just treading water, rather than making progress. And the only way to make progress is to set a goal and go for it all out.

After all, without a destination in mind, how do you know where you're going?

My destination next year?  A RunDisney Marathon. Not sure which yet, but I am sure that it's going to happen. At the very LEAST a trip to Disney World during the holiday season is in my future plans whether it's with gal pals, My Sailor, or flying solo. It's been a few years (next year will actually mark 4 years since) and sometimes a girl just has to get her fix. Some women need shopping. Others need shoes. For me, it's Disney.


  1. Can't believe it's been 4 years. Check the mailbox...

    1. Yeah - last time I went to WDW during the Holidays was with my friend Val on a girl's trip... seems a million years ago now!

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