Friday, November 23, 2012

Goats that go Baa - Happy Thanksgiving!

My Sailor and I are no good at Thanksgiving. Oh, we have the spirit, that's for sure. We do all the important things - like connect with family and revel in some gratitude. But we aren't very good at the food part.

On our first Thanksgiving together, I had flown from the west coast to the east coast to see him. He'd made arrangements to get dinner once I arrived, around 9:00pm in the sleepy little town. Well, the place he'd chosen decided to close their kitchen early, and by this time, I was just STARVING, so I figured we'd just stop at a gas station and grab something.

Ramen noodles it was! So we spent that Thanksgiving eating Ramen and watching Aladdin in my hotel room.

And yea know what? I didn't mind one bit. It was great.

The next year, we skipped it all together since he was deployed.

This year, we're married, living in our own first house, and don't have kids (yet). Sounds like we should be able to get it right this time, right?

You couldn't be more delightfully mistaken.

Due to our full working schedules, I didn't have a chance to go Thanksgiving Meal shopping until about 8pm the night before Thanksgiving. All the turkeys were frozen and, since it's an average of 50 degrees in the house, there was no way I could thaw out a bird in time. Not to mention we'd have to buy a roaster and all that jazz. So I bought a few turkey breasts, knowing that we had lamb at home instead if we wanted to change things up. (I have a killer lamb roast w/ gravy recipe.) I grabbed a few traditional side dishes, and went home.

The next morning, My Sailor came in around 10am (his shift started at 6am the previous morning). Needless to say, he was exhausted.

So it turned out we decided to do the lamb roast instead. My Sailor had just gotten off a 24+ hour shift that morning, so we just laid low, caught up on some TV (hulu) and got some much needed cuddle time.

But there was a problem...
Well, a couple problems.

First of all, do you ever notice that your meat thermometer is broken when you need it the most? I swear it only gets used about 3 times a year, but it's broken. It said the meet was barely 130 degrees, and it was DONE. Go figure!

Once I sliced up the meat, I realized something wasn't right about this local lamb we'd bought at a farmstand... The main problem was that, well, it wasn't lamb.

It was goat.

So instead of a delicious lamb roast, we had an okay goat roast with veggies.

And instead of pie crust, I accidently bought cresent roll dough. So instead of pumpkin pie for desert, we had homemade almond filled cresent rolls. Ya know what? They were actually DELICIOUS!

Well - the wine was great. The Cheese was Great. The Crackers were yummy, and I couldn't have asked for better company than just the 2 dogs and My Sailor.

While we've yet to get the turkey part right, I think we got the Thanksgiving Part right.

(Oh - We had Ramen Noodles for lunch, in honor of our first Thanksgiving together.)

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