Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goal met! Now... about that prize...

I've been doing really well with my overtime lately and watching my spending.

Okay, so my 2nd job only lasted a weekend (due to powers beyond my control) and I'm kind of okay with that at the moment. Sure, I'll still keeping my eyes open for something seasonal, but with over 12 hours of overtime in the first 2 weeks of the month, I'm already ahead of my goal. How awesome is that?!

So that said, I am tempted to reward myself with "a little something".

Ya see, for the past several years I've been carring a big red drawstring Disney movie club back pack around the Disney parks. In my circle, it's affectionately refered to as "the obnoxiously red backpack"
Me at DCA in June of 2010

As you can see, it's seen better days. No butts about it. (ha ha ha)

So I'm looking for a new back to become my ultimate theme-park-magazine-research-trip-vacation-park-hopping-buddy!

Originally, I was looking for the sling back design. Something like this:

 but with more pockets for better balance.
Pockets that are easily accesible are a must for the camera and passes and other in-park necessities.
(Water resistance is a definate plus, but I can treat any fabric for that.)
HOWEVER... I recently stumbled across this gem too:
It's NOT the design I was originally looking for, but I could also see myself using this for SO many other things, I can almost justify buying it... in fact, I may just before the night is out.

And then it hit me...
I realized it.
It took me 30 years to do the things most girls/women are conditioned to do early in life -

Am I a slow learner or what?  ;)

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