Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dreams, passions and Disney

A word about passion -
I believe it's one of the most important reasons for living life. If you're not persuing something your passionate about in ONE aspect of your life... well, I think that's what they call "depression".
I was definately blessed with a healthy dose of passion! I've been a passionate dreamer from day one. A few of the things I'm desperately passionate about are:
Reading (especially fantasy literature)
Art (all kinds)
Music (and musical theater)
and Disney.

That's right... on that last one, Disney has been a life long passion that has hung in there. Other than sucking my wallet dry from time to time, I never really thought that it would do much for me. Turns out, it sparked a deep appreciation for art, attention to detail, and storytelling. None of those things have ever changed, or even decreased over the years. And I'm, glad to report that it seems to be doing me good!

As I get more active in the "fan" community, I've started to write a regular column for the Celebrations magazine! You can subscribe at to check out the articles. I will not be posting them ANYWEHERE ELSE. However, I will start up a blog pretty soon with trip reports, reviews and the like.

Lately, I've stumbled over a love for, well, love at Disney. I'd been following several Disney World wedding posts on various fan sites just for fun. Yes, I know - they are extraordinarily expensive. But, hey, everyone (male or female) needs a decent does of dreaming daily. (Afterall, dreams breed hope, even if they fall by the wayside or are forgotten from time to time as life moves on.) Today, I treated myself to videos on one of favorite Disney Wedding Bloggers. Since I've been following her blog for probably over a year not, here's the address for fellow Disney dreamers to check out. . Carly and Kyle have been great about documenting their experience and their joy and love of each other and life (and all things Disney) just overflows from the screen. I hope to start up a blog that's NEARLY that well recieved.

In the mean time, I'm about to jump into the shower and head up to Disneyland for the night get some photos of the Tiki Room for my most recent article.

Some people have said that dreams are useless. That they prefer reality. They can't seem to fathom that things like dreams have any use when it comes to everyday living. Well, I'm not completely opposed to that way of thinking. We all have difficult realities and challenges to deal with, but dreams keep us inspired, motivated, and they give us hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I may never live my millions of Disney dreams. Or perhaps my dreams won't turn out like I imagine they would - but that's the fun of life - seeing where this great adventure takes us.

So as I pack up to head up to Disneyland solo for a photo trip, I encourage my readers here to keep dreaming and instill in others the value of those dreams. They are what makes us unique. They are beyond any monentary value. And they remind us that we aren't "stuck" or "trapped" in our lives (though, when I'm working 6 days/week, 10 hour days, it can certainly feel that way!). We are architecs of our future.

And when two dreamers come together, like Carly and Kyle, the sky truly is the limit.

Congrats you guys!

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