Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looking Back and Tip Toe-ing Ahead (PG 13)

Lady in Grey, Speedy, and Me - Photo Credit to My Sailor

Lady in Grey, Speedy, and Me on the ferry ride home. Photo Credit: My Sailor
Last weekend, I earned my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer qualification, finishing a course with Trainer Guy, The Lady in Grey, and Speedy.  The course was fun and I learned a few skills I plan on practicing on myself a bit more before I pass them along. Since the class, I've ordered a pair of gymnastic rings that I hope to share with my clients for things like Ring Rows (which are a modified form of pull ups), as well as swinging myself into Muscle Ups - eventually. Those are a LONG way off, but it's good to have goals.  It was a great time to network and another great oppurtunity to put my coaching skills to the test. Part of the practicals included coaching a stranger (and fellow student) through a WOD or two. It was a handy confidence builder. (And, of course, it didn't hurt that the ferry ride home included great company and a beautiful day out on the deck.) I was cripplingly stiff for a couple days afterwards, but recovered, in no small part due to My Sailor's deep tissue massage techniques. (I'm kinda surprised no one called the cops from the screaming and crying that was happening in our living room - and not in an x-rated fashion, trust me.)

All that aside, I can't help but feeling I'm heading the right direction. I don't know what is going to come of the YMCA at this point, but I continue to have the right support mechanism in place, and I just can't beat the rewarding feeling knowing someone came away from time with me with a skill they can use, a new-found flexibility, and/or confidence. Yes, I've experienced some rejection, but looking back on every small success I've been honored to share with others reminds me that I'm headed the right direction. To hear those closest to me say things like, "I think you've found your calling..." and "You seem so much happier..." is no small feat. Those in my inner circle know how hard I've tried at other things that never quite seem to fit. Coaching, training, and lifting has required significant work. There is no doubt about that! But the pieces all 'fit' in a way that nothing quite ever has before. It turns out I might just have that unique skill set after all.  Dreams do come true.

Now, as I suspected, I've 'slowed down' a little now that My Sailor is home.
And honestly, sometimes it's frustrating. I tend to be a bit of a freight train at times. He's my brake pedal. I always said I'd only marry someone worth slowing down for; he's worth it.
With him on my back back on land, my "rest days" in the past 2 weeks (where I've done little more than an easy jog, mobility training, and weight lifting that hasn't exceeded 55lbs) have looked more and more like actual active recovery days. I'm also taking a session off from playing indoor soccer. This isn't really 'unreasonable' by any stretch. I'm heading into a field that is much more physically demanding than anything I've done before, and I've pretty much been playing soccer every Sunday since last October. Taking a break will unload my (beloved) Sunday schedule a little, and, while I'll miss it for a while, it'll give me a chance to start an Earn Awesome Training team in the fall/winter. I've also been invited to ref or coach youth soccer as well! So I'm exploring a few different options while trying to find balance in the body, as well as family time. Thankfully, My Sailor is very supportive.

The crazy thing about all this progress is that some of it isn't as obvious as you might think. My lifts are going up and it's steady progress, but it feels incredibly slow. I'm satisfied by it, generally speaking. I mean, I weigh between 190-195ish most of the time. I still I eat when I'm hungry and I lean towards foods made by mother nature rather than (for example) Kraft.  I don't feel deprived - ever, but sometimes it takes an "Oh Sh*t! Hun, when was the last time you've seen your back?!" from My Sailor to bring things into perspective.

Since that happened recently, My Sailor whipped out a camera and felt the need to show me what he sees.

Sometimes it takes looking back and seeing ourselves through someone else's eyes to realize how far we really have come....

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  1. So blessed to call you "Strongman Sister," J. Awesome as always!