Friday, April 13, 2012

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It's Friday and I'm FINALLY getting my act together enough to blog. I caught a nasty cold this week that's kept me sleeping for 12+ hrs for a few days in a row just to get back on my feet. Today was my first day w/o cold medicine and I'm feeling much MUCH better. I got in a work out (yeah!) and felt like I could have done more. So after work I made dinner (steak stir-fry - yum!) and did a BUNCH of cleaning - including some long overdue dusting and laundry folding!

Yeah for productivity!

Sometimes it seems the grass is always greener though.

Today, a digital friend of mine who is planning her own wedding was talking about putting invitations together. Her post complained about the tediousness of it. I don't blame her for complaining. Weddings are those fleeting things that people put a LOT of work into every detail - even though they largely go unappreciated. Unless you send a Porche with your invitation, odds are those invitations brides spend hours putting together will just end up in the trash. A select few may make it to memory boxes and scrap books, but that's about it. But I have to admit - I was envious. Not of the tediousness of her work, but of her being close enough to her wedding to actually have work like that NEED to get done! We're in no pressing rush. (cue wistful sigh here) The Navy postponed things until Jan-March of next year - again. So the wedding that has been in the planning stages for a few years now is still nearly a year off. Boo hiss. On the upside, nearly everything for Orlando is planned. It's just a matter of saying "Go!" to a few key vendors and folks - and throwing money at it.  And since we're buying a house right now, the "throwing money at it" part would be tough to come by for the next few months anyway.

On the upside, we have a commitment from a roommate! Yeah! At least for about 90 days. Sort of a "trial period". While his rent isn't really much, it'll help out from the initial "house poor" shock that's bound to happen as we figure out what utilities look like, along with a few improvements and furnishings we'll need - like a washer and dryer.

It felt so good to FINALLY have some energy today. Whenever I recover from an illness, I generally end up on a huge cleaning spree. Why? Because it's very true that your exterior often reflects and/or influences your interior - and it feels good to scrub everything down and have the house become a "germ free" zone (or as "germ free" as is reasonably possible) rather than a health safety hazard waiting to happen.

My Sailor has been really helpful while I'm sick, especially considering the stuff going on with an illness in the family at home. There are no quick answers to my dad's condition, but we're family and we've got the love and support we need to see Dad through this.

Speaking of the folks... my parents are talking about taking a break from all the crazy medical testing and getting the heck out of dodge for a while to come visit for a weekend! Spring is BEAUTIFUL up here. It's almost hard to believe I've been here for a year already! It's been a great adventure so far.

Buying a house makes me feel as if I'm "all grown up". Then again, having a mortgage will do that to ya... Nothing can change the fact that I'm still just a kid at heart.

Feet on the ground, head in the clouds. That's me!

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  1. Glad you're feeling better and that things are going well with the house and planning.