Monday, November 22, 2010

A Carrier for a Cause

Saturday morning was a wet one, here in southern california. But that didn't damper my spirits.

Hiding out under the wing of a plane on the flight deck in the rain
BoxerChick and I grabbed some toys and went to participate in the Toys for Tots drive at the USS Midway air craft carrier Maritime museum down in San Deigo. Here are just a few photos from that very soggy trip.

 I've always wanted to visit this museum, and I'd still like to go back. With about 2-3 hours, we still barely scratched the surface of all there is to see. My previous impressions of life on aboard a carrier were forumlated from Hollywood movies and a few scattered KPBS specials. This gave me a whole new insight. Even the simplist tasks of day to day living are done here with deliberate cause. Makes me wonder about the submarine life FlyBoy will be enduring in just a few months.

Entering the ship

This is a glass floor to show the depth of the ship - and I'm standing on it!

Anchors away!
Not only did we contribute to a good cause, but we expanded our minds and saw something new. Well worth the soggy trip! 

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